Iconography | Ideation | Illustration 

Once I had taken the deep dive into Destiny 2’s lore, I decided to make a Lore Book Cover representing myself. I wanted to explore Destiny 2’s themes of geometry, and add some personal flare with my love for coffee.

This is the process I took to create this cover!

Iconography | Animation | Illustration 

Icon designs based on, and inspired by, Andy Hines' Foresight Frameworks. I first started by researching the framework and sketching out designs that could represent the phases. I kept the designs consistent to flow together visually. I then animated each of them individually and flowing together to create the full cycle. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 2.34.33 AM.png

Illustration | Typography

“A Gathering” was an event for the Martin May Gallery in which both educators and students enjoyed the works of their peers. I was inspired by the color palette combined with the Art Deco Style and I thought to play around with the ideas.

Animation | Infographics

An infographic animation showing the growth of the video game industry and the impact it has on the United States. Using research from over 10 years to make the information more compact and visually pleasing. All assets were made in Adobe Illustrator and the animation was done in After Effects.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.21.17 AM.png

Layout Design | Publication Design 

This project was to create an original magazine identity and create layouts for a minimum of 16 pages. I started by researching market readers and creating a business model with a mission statement. I created a list of 30 possible names and tag-lines, and then I sketched out the layouts and logo. The end result was a 24 page magazine on the Game Industry.


Web Design | UX/UI Design

The Medici Archives Project is located in Florence, Italy. They have collected over 4 million documents from over 200 years. I decided to redesign a website they have that allows historians archive access as a Citizen Scientist Project. I used Illustrator and Adobe XD to create the site and used Invision for testing.

Asset 4_edited.png

Layout Design | Typograpgy

This was a project revolving around a typeface for my Publications Class. I chose the typeface Josefin Sans and Josefin Slab. The typeface has become one of my favorite web based fonts. Every card is a representation of a different layout.

Web Design | Typography

This project challenged me to find a typeface to develop a website around. I love the elegant futuristic style of Rajdhani and decided to explore a space theme. This site was created entirely with HTML and CSS in SublimeText. 



I'm always working on something! Stay tuned!