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Game Design 

This is a project that I am currently working on based on Nordic mythology. A mobile action/ adventure game where you play as a Valkyrie fighting to get back to Asgard as the events of Ragnarök unfold. 


Stay tuned for updates!


For the Global Game Jam 2019 the theme was "What does home mean to you," which is abstract for a game theme.  We landed on an AR game where furniture waddles towards the house and you, the player, gets to choose which ones you want. A home is something you build, either on your own, or with loved ones.  It was a team of four, two artists and two programmers. I was one of the artists and made 15 assets using blender as well as the Icons with Illustrator.

Good Luck is an alternative controller, hidden role game where players semi-cooperativly conjure spells to escape a haunted place. Each player must maneuver their spirit board planchette and interpret mysterious instructions to unravel the narrative and escape.



I'm working on my own game so stay tuned for updates!

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