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Destiny 2 Themed
Lore Book Cover

It started with a sketch on a sticky note. I wanted to incorporate something that I love: Coffee.

Coffee is to me is what Spicy Ramen is to Cayde-6.
First, I cleaned up and traced my sketch to start iterating and testing styles. I also wanted to test different kinds of coffee cups/mugs. 

I made a grid and started to play with the geometry of an espresso cup and added a radial burst.

Originally, I was going to stay with this shade of blue, but then I thought of how Cayde-6 would add a bit of flashiness. So I did!
I created a pale gold gradient to apply to my cup and chose a pale yellow for anything that would not have the gradient.

I made my own 3D sphere model to figure out the best angle. I wanted to make it look natural in the cup and iterated different varieties of how it could look.

Final Versions

22x28 Poster
1080x1080 Social
1920x1080 Social
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