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This is a mobile action/adventure game based in Nordic Mythology. During the events of Ragnorok, the end of all the realms, one Valkyrie attempts to return to Asgard in the hopes of joining the battle. However, along the way she learns that fate has another plan for her. As she travels to the different realms, her actions cause key events to occur, and some actions will forever change the realms. She learns of the runes that Odin has hidden in each realm, each one giving her new powers and knowledge. As she retrieves the runes, she becomes less and less concerned with getting back to Asgard, and more with ensuring the realms will start again. In the end she is faced with the ultimate choice.

There are many parts to this game, but the main takeaway is that the end is never really the end. Every new play-through will be a different layout of the realms, and a different main character. Player choices will effect characters and maps within their next play-through and the characters looks will change as well.

Rún (pronounced rune) means secret or tradition. 


This game started when I wanted to learn how to make an inventory system.  Basic mobile joystick movement and an A and B button. Once I implemented these, I knew there would be much more that I wanted to learn and add.

(There is no hand icon just yet, but rest assured more art assets are coming!)

This is where some unique mechanics come in.

(Updated UI below)

1- Within the pause menu there is a spell menu

This menu is where discovered spells go once you find the corresponding rune. You can equip 3 spells throughout the game, many spells will help in specific Realms and against different enemies.

2 - The pink button is the spell button. Pressing it once will cast the activated spell. Holding this button will show a sub menu of three buttons. Each one of those corresponds to one of the equipped spells.

Updated UI
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