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Roman Gelato Run Event App

What happens at the festival?

People of all ages go to Rome, Italy, eat gelato, and look at art, architecture, and culture.

When and where is this festival?

It would take place in Rome, Italy in the early summer and would last for 2 days.

Who goes to this festival? Who is the audience?

There is no timer on the event itself, hoping to allow those of older ages to be able to attend. The general age range would be 16-45 year olds. People who enjoy immersing themselves in another culture, learning and experiencing new things. Anyone from all over the world is welcome, but it would be more advertised to Europe.

What does the app NEED?

A map of the area with stopping points and gelato shops

prepaid tickets for gelato

Information for international help


Along with creating an event and app, I also 

came up with 8 ideas that would enhance the 

event and the app itself. It gave the app a

unique feature that set it apart from the others.



Mapping the App

After drawing out each screen, I mapped out the interactions

to ensure that the app would not get confusing and that all 

information is placed

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